That is the answer to everything

若將上述的MD5/SHA-1値以英文版的Google來搜尋話,第一個結果便是站長dovac的個人部落格「dovac needs a life」。而當中最近的一篇文章寫到其這幾年來為了萌妹所支付營運的費用已不下3萬美元,加上最近來自失業以及房貸的壓力,似乎有些後悔而且已經玩不下去了…

I am regretting maintaining moe.imouto.org for so long, I realized that I’ve spent over 30,000 dollars so far and all I have to show is a leecher user base who feels entitled to have the best and greatest scans for free. There is the few users that regularly keep me from going in to RAGE mode and from killing the site over and over, anyways. I started the site with the lofty goal of destroying animepaper and minitokyo, but that goal has only been partly met. I doubt that’ll ever happen since the site admins for those sites most likely EASILY get much more income from how much it hosts their sites.

More for the fact that I’m currently jobless and still have house payments to make puts me in a deep spiral of depression, I have a feeling I will lose the house due to the site. Wonderful.